Mangaluru, Karnataka

Principals Message

Principals Message

The profession of pharmacy has undergone vast changes in the last few years. Hither to, it was product centered and now there is a definite shift towards Patient centered approach.

Pharmacists are taking proactive role in Patient counseling, therapeutic drug monitoring and providing drug Information. Introduction of Pharm.D course by Pharmacy Council of India is one such step in making Indian Pharmacy profession globally competitive. Thanks to the information technology and computer science, now the students have access to enormous amount of professional and general information. It makes the job of teacher much more difficult. The primary task of a teacher is to provide additional knowledge. Perhaps it is the time to deviate a bit from the straight jacketed syllabi provided by the Universities and introduce some novelty and innovations.

Our achievements are decent, if not extraordinary. We look at the facts and figures to push ourselves to do better in the coming year. We have miles to go before we sleep……

Prof. Dr. Ramakrishna Shabaraya A


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