Mangaluru, Karnataka

Vision and Mission

Vision Statement

To build an institution of excellence in the field of Pharmacy education and to excel in the core areas of clinical research, drug development and community health care. The institution aims to see India emerges as a world leader in providing health care. Furthering contribution to the society through community health service Programmes, environmental protection and Social interactions.

Mission Statement

  • To develop competency in the area of Pharmaceutical Sciences.
  • To serve the community through educational, social and environmental initiatives.
  • To build a strong work force with sound technical knowledge.
  • To achieve health for all.
  • To inculcate discipline, dedication and knowledge in young minds who come here for building up their career.
  • To make a positive impact on the lives of the students, to fulfill their expectations and help them to realise their dreams.

Quality Statement

We believe that quality is not by accident, but by conscious collective effort of all those concerned. Our aim is to achieve zero percent error in all the departments. To ensure that regular faculty appraisal programmes, maintenance schedules, cleaning schedules, documentation and GLP have been introduced. We strive to maintain the internal quality regulatory norms much above the norms prescribed by the statutory bodies.

Pharmacist’s Oath

I swear by the code of ethics of Pharmacy Council of India in relation to the community and shall act as an integral part of health care team. I shall uphold the laws and standards governing my profession. I shall strive to perfect and enlarge my knowledge to contribute to the advancement of pharmacy and the public health. I shall follow the system which I consider best for pharmaceutical care and counseling of patients. I shall endeavor to discover and manufacture drugs of quality to alleviate sufferings of humanity. I shall hold in confidence the knowledge gained about the patient in connection with my professional practice and never divulge unless compelled to do so by the law. I shall associate with organization having their objectives for betterment of the profession of pharmacy and make contribution to carry out the work of those organizations. While I continue to keep this oath unviolated, may it be granted to me to enjoy life and practice of Pharmacy respected by all, at all times! Should I trespass and violate this oath, May the reverse be my lot!